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Dear Menopause

2021 was the year that finally brought the topic of Menopause the attention it deserved.
Thanks to a major radio programme in Ireland and Davina McCall and Mariella Frostrup in the UK, conversations about Menopause exploded across the airwaves and social media with some harrowing stories.
It became apparent that for years women experiencing menopause have been largely ignored and extensively mis-diagnosed. Many felt patronised, insulted and utterly humiliated. But the single most common issue was simply not being listened to. So we undertook extensive research to do just that.
Listen to women.
It was this material that directly inspired the idea for this commercial which features the thoughts of one woman in the form of a letter to Menopause. But really the thoughts and emotions are those of many women; anger, resignation, frustration but mainly the determination to take back control.