Love Is The Way

When the pandemic struck, ALONE, a charity that supports older people living alone, swung into action.  This frightened population were now isolated and warned to stay indoors and  ‘cocoon’ . How would they survive? The answer was ALONE’s National Support Line to co-ordinate help and support. The initiative exceeded all expectations and utterly stretched the resources and mental wellbeing of their army of volunteers. When the second wave struck at the start of 2021 this was a killer punch. It changed the mood of the nation once again and had an effect on dwindling new volunteer numbers and some lethargy with regard to overall support for ALONE. In response we created this commercial that was designed to motivate these amazing people and galvanise support. It featured real volunteers alongside real older people and demonstrated the sheer volume and success of what was being achieved in real terms. Every single number is a real human being. An older person who has received support and help from the truly amazing people at ALONE.