The Visit

Volunteers with ALONE are amazing people, but the organisation needs more of them. A lot more of them.
Bonfire has created a new campaign to encourage more people to volunteer built on a very simple truth: “It feels amazing to make someone feel amazing”. The insight is based on feedback and interviews with volunteers and older service users who have both declared just how much the visits mean to them. “You don’t know how rewarding it is until you do it,” said one volunteer. “It has brought brightness and friendship into my life,” said a service user.
Central to the campaign is a short-movie-style commercial based on an emotional and engaging study of a real visit. The film shows how amazing volunteering can make you feel, demonstrated in abundance by the wonderful effect on the older person featured. When you see it, you’ll know.
Directed lovingly by Richard Childs from Tiny Ark, the film is underscored by a beautiful song, “In your House There, ” written and performed by Jane Willow.